Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Refinished Danish Modern Mid Century Dining Table w/ Built in Extensions

This is a wonderful Danish Modern MCM dining table.  Refinished, the wood grain throughout the entire piece is ridiculously beautiful.  Fantastic and simple in design, this has that awesome Mid Century feel to it with great functionality and is a space saver.  The table has two extensions that pull out on each side, then when you're done, they just push right back in.  Crazy convenience, and they look awesome when pushed in because they give the table a two-level look.  This is one of those tables that would look great with any set of chairs.  Of course MCM.......or industrial classic farmhouse traditional etc.  Keep the table clean and simple and do the same with the chairs, or go crazy.....either way, it'll look beautiful. 

The dimensions of the table with the leaves in are  55w 34d 29h.

Each leaf adds 21.5 inches to the main table.


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