Monday, August 29, 2011

Retro / Vintage Distressed Highboy

This is a wonderful vintage looking piece, in an awesome mid century style.  It's had quite a few coats of paint throughout the years, and it's been sanded to show the history and has a stunning aging look to the piece.  There are four drawers, newer hardware, and in wonderful condition.  This would be a great piece to add the perfect contrast with a modern, contemporary, industrial style.  Spacious in the four drawers, the faces of the bottom three angle outward to give a great effect.  Very neutral toned dresser, there are whites, creams, browns, grays, charcoal etc.

The dimensions are: 34w 18d 38.5h



  1. This High Boy has it all! It could go in a modern style room or a shabby chic room. Excellent design.